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Coffee Lectures

RDM-Days 2021

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21.06. Erfurt: Infrastruktur schafft Datenstruktur

  • Paul Vierkant (ORCID DE): "Och nee, nich noch 'ne ID!" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Thomas Lauer (ErfurtLAB): "Generische Forschungsprozesse in den Verhaltenswissenschaften" [Slides][Video]

22.06. Jena: Metadata: Why and how machines love to read it

  • Prof. Dr. Mark Musen (CEDAR, Stanford): Key Note "It’s All in the Metadata: Making Datasets FAIR" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Sheeba Samuel (FSU Jena), "Provenance and Reproducibility: a look into Jupyter Notebooks" [Slides][Video]
  • Venkata Chandrasekhar Nainala (FSU Jena): "Chemotion ELN – an Open Source electronic lab notebook" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Réne Smolarski (FSU Jena): "DFG-3D-Viewer: Metadaten und Standards in einem Infrastrukturprojekt für die digitale 3D-Rekonstruktion" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Anja Perry (Gesis): "Metadaten. Und was haben sie mit guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis zu tun?" [Slides][Video]

23.06. Ilmenau: Make your data reproducible: tools and techniques for data documentation"

  • Daniel Nüst (Universität Münster): "Executing workflows during peer review for transparency, reproducibility, and reusability" [Slides][Video]
  • Jelle de Plaa (SRON): "Introducing open data management in Dutch space research" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Julien Colomb (HU Berlin): "Using GIN-Tonic to structure and write research Papers Data" [Slides][Video]

25.06. Weimar: How to deal with Reseach Data – Recommendations for the Data Life Cycle!

  • Kevin Lang (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar): "Recommendations for Handling Research Data" [Slides][Video]
  • Daniela Gawehns (Leiden University): "Transparent Workflows with R - From Raw Data to Results!" [Slides][Video]

RDM-Days 2020

RDM-Days 2019

NFDI Workshop Thuringia

13.08.2019 Jena: 1st NFDI Workshop Thuringia


World Digital Preservation Day