ORDS ReproHack

Tue May 11 2021 09:30 am


On May 11th, TKFDM will co-organise a ReproHack in cooperation with the Open Reproducible Data Science and Statistics group (ORDS) at the University of Rostock. ReproHacks have been taking place since 2016 and are usually planned in coordination with the ReproHack group on GitHub and Twitter. But what is a ReproHack?

During a ReproHack (Reproducibility Hackathon) one attempts to reproduce published scientific results. During the workshop, you will work either as part of a group or individually in order to reproduce results from published code and open data. The aim of a ReproHack is not to discredit researchers or their work, but to understand the importance of careful documentation of reserach data. You will be given the opportunity to work with real data and research software and will be asked to analyze various aspects of reproducibility. It is our goal to bring together researchers from all disciplines and areas of knowledge together in order to create new insights. This workshop offers you the opportunity to learn from other researchers from different fields, experience levels and regions.

At the beginning of the ReproHack a scientific paper will be presented and then it is analyzed how open and reproducible its results are. The authors have made their results and data freely available for the purpose of the event and your feedback will reach them via a standardized form. Since the participants of this workshop will have different levels of technical expertise, you can participate in the ReproHack on three different levels:

  1. Beginners re-run the analyis and inspect the different aspects according to the ReproHack Checklist.
  2. Advanced users re-implement the entire analysis in a different programming language, e.g. Python, R, Julia
  3. Expert users build a re-usable computational environment for the above groups with Docker or similar container techniques

A detailed agenda and the registration link can be found on the ORDS Group website: Link

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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